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EXO SHOWCASE in KOREA on March 31, 2013, EXO 1st Anniversaryimage



I’m actually a little scared of seeing Chanyeol’s new hair

i mean he’s making such a huge deal of hiding his hair

what’s under that hood chanyeol

what are you hiding chanyeol

what have you done to that hair chanyeol

I think this speculation ends today


Chanyeol wants to know what happened to his hair tbh


130207 Baekhyun & Luhan focus @ Sehun’s Graduation by Siamois_Yeon

[!] BOYFRIEND is going to be having comeback on 10th January 2013.


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EXO-K x SHINee: What is Better Love? (RMX Mashup)
Cr: DJdoushitekimi

120929 EXO-M’s Chuseok Messages

120929 EXO-K’s Chuseok Messages

Seriously, Kai. What’s wrong with you?





Seriously, Kai. What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?! :( 

I wish I knew what’s going through your head, sometimes. I’m not yet able to understand your attitude, sincerely. I don’t want to be the Suho’s defense attorney, I can’t even know if there’s actually something wrong with you two… But, come on… Couldn’t you even hide it, if something is wrong? :(

Suho is already so discredited and overshadowed by everyone (in EXO and not…) and, although he’s able to hide it well, we all can read in his face all the disappointment and displeasure when things like these happen. I’m convinced that they know each other from long time, enough to be able to clarify some things in private… 

… but Kai still can’t hide his attitude in public.

I have nothing against him, I don’t even know if there’s something wrong between these two, but I hate to see scenes like this, when they should support and help each other, beyond EVERY COUPLE, PAIRINGS, FANFICTION etc. etc.. Suho always tries to keep everyone together cause they are a group, putting himself always in the background, always reacts to every challenge with a smile… while, of course, Kai still hasn’t the same self-control.

I also have read some very bad things of Kai or Suho like, “Suho smells bad and that’s why Kai always rejects him.”, or like “Kai is just a naughty and brat boy who should work more.”.


First, I don’t think Suho has a bad smell, and even if it was like this certainly is not a good reason to reject a microphone in that way. It has nothing to do with hygiene. 
Second, Kai is an incredible worker, is a machine, he dances a lot, sometimes he hurts his body just to get to the end of the performance… so… 
By the way, this doesn’t mean that, cause he’s a great dancer, I can ignore it.

I also read that, according to some boys born and currently residing in Korea, Suho likes a little “too much” physical contact (or skinship) between males, and this is still considered gay in Korea (as well as in the rest of the world). And fangirls aren’t seeing this offensive for a man. It may well be true, but Suho is certainly not the only one to always go beyond hugs and caresses, BELIEVE IN ME. I have seen a lot of things like this (and it was not always during fanservice), but I will not say any name or any group.

Then… I just hope Suho will no more be treated like this by Kai nor any other member of the group (currently the only one that takes care of him a little could be Sehun, even if he’s the child of the group!) and I hope that this disharmony that emerges from fancams and random moments in the shows, is just passing through.

…and to see them like this, another time! ◕‿◕❤


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120922 SMTown in Jakarta Press Conference